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Live Betting: Tips Benefits and Drawbacks

Live betting is an increasingly popular form of betting that punters can capitalize on to win more money than pre-match betting. Also known as in-play betting, live sports betting allows you to place bets on sports at online bookmakers after the sporting event has started. That way, you can easily get better live odds and other benefits than when wagering before the game begins.

Live and In-Play Betting Tips

If you think in-play betting is your thing, then you will need some tips to improve your betting skills. We provide our visitors with tips that can be useful when placing bets on games like football, soccer, basketball, and table tennis. The following are some helpful tips for you.

  • Start with Regular Bets – If you’ve never placed bets on sports, you should first place traditional bets before switching to live bets.
  • Watch the Entire Match – Live odds keep changing, so punters need to be aware of what’s happening to the odds and the teams or players to make the right decision.
  • Rely on Current Data – Even though it’s not always easy to predict how a sporting event will end, it’s easier to make predictions using current data from a live match.

By following these tips, you’ll soon realize that in-play betting is not that complex. Remember that practice makes perfect, so the more you train yourself, the more you’ll advance your skills. On top of that, make sure you know your teams and players well in terms of past performances and injuries.

Advantages of Live Betting

Why place bets live and probably waste time watching sporting events live when you can just place a pre-match bet? Well, there are several advantages to live sports betting. Let’s look at them.

Many Betting Options

With live betting, punters can bet on the most popular sports in real-time. These include sports like European Soccer, American football, table tennis, basketball, golf, and rugby. Live sports betting fans also have numerous options when it comes to bets. We are talking about money line bets, prop bets, and parlay bets. As a beginner in this type of betting, you want to start with money line wagers because they are generally the easiest to place.

The Odds Can Change

One of the key characteristics of live sports betting is that the odds can change based on what is happening during the game. If you are keen enough, you can capitalize on live odds when they are in your favour. The oddsmakers have limited time to provide the correct odds, so they can easily make mistakes and set lines incorrectly.

Punters Get Excellent Value

Since the odds can change drastically during a match, that’s when you need to take advantage. If you are constantly alert, you will be able to spot turnarounds and make split-second decisions. By acting at the right moment, you can generate more profits in a matter of seconds.

In-Game Betting is Fun

In-play betting takes the entertainment to a whole new level because you are wagering as the match takes place. Punters enjoy plenty of action than when placing traditional wagers. At some bookmakers, it’s even possible to stream and watch your favourite match live.

More Information to Work With

When placing bets live, you have more information to depend on than when placing pre-game wagers. Before the game, you can only use data from previous matches or occurrences. On the other hand, live betting bookmakers will provide you with further information to act in real-time.

Mobile-Friendly In-Play Betting

In-game betting is not that different from pre-match betting as far as gaming devices are concerned. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can place live bets wherever you are. And you won’t miss out on anything because the best sportsbooks ensure that you can access every live betting sport.

Disadvantages of Live Betting

There’s no doubt that live sports betting is entertaining and potentially rewarding, but there are significant drawbacks. Knowing them will help you decide whether in-play betting is what you want. The following are the possible downsides of engaging in this form of betting at online bookies.

Time Delay

A small-time delay can make a huge difference when obtaining live data or streaming live matches. Note that the data provided by online betting sites may come from feeds provided by other parties. This includes the current score, live game video, and time elapsed. If the data are delayed for any reason, such as connection problems, then you might lose a good chance to make the most of live wagers. Also, you’ll waste time because you have to wait for the game to start and probably watch till the end.

No Time to Strategize

Live wagering is an action-packed activity for both the sportsbook and the punter. The bookmaker will have a hard time changing the lines, while the bettor will have little time to come up with a strategy. In that case, quick decisions can lead to wrong predictions.

High Risks

Considering the aforementioned problems of time delays and the need to make hasty decisions, in-play betting is a risky venture. Punters have a limited time to research and can easily be fooled by the odds. You must act without overthinking, which can land you into trouble with your bankroll.


Many punters are aware of live betting because of the amount of attention it has gained in recent years. With the best bookmakers offering in-play bets, sports bettors now have a great opportunity to wager when the match has already started. There are several risks, but the most important thing is that you can make more money from the fluctuating odds and watch sporting events live.

Whether you wish to bet on football, tennis, or basketball, you only need to visit a bookie that offers live sports betting. There, you will be allowed to place live bets and even claim some amazing sports betting bonuses. Good luck!


What is Live Betting?

Live, in-play, or in-game betting is when you place bets on a match in progress by relying on live data. The odds will change depending on what’s happening.

What’s the Best Live Betting Site?

Top-rated live sports betting sites have been licensed to offer their services. The best ones are licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission. Other renowned licenses include the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao. Besides that, top live sport betting bookmakers offer lots of markets, sports betting bonuses, mobile betting options, and excellent t customer support services.

Which Sports Can I Bet on Live?

A good live sports betting bookie will let you wager on popular sports like football, basketball, table tennis, rugby, and golf, among others. You could bet on events like Spanish La Liga, NBA events, the UEFA Champions League, and the NFL.