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Draw No Bet Guide and Tips

If you are used to the usual three-way markets (1×2), you might want to try something different with the draw no bet option. Many online bookmakers offer the draw no bet market to make betting much easier if you find it difficult to place 3-way bets. In this guide, you will learn what draw no bet means and get some tips to make the most of this betting market.

Draw No Bet Explained

So, how does draw no bet work? Well, the first thing we want to address in this guide is the meaning of the draw no bet market in sports betting. Simply put, a draw no bet or DNB is a two-way market that removes the outcome of a draw on three-way markets. When placing this type of bet, you only get to bet on a home or away win. If the match in question ends in a draw, then the sportsbook will gladly return your total bet.

If you think about the usual three-way market, the risk of losing is much bigger than with DNB betting markets. With a three-way market, you have to choose from three different options: Home (1), Draw (x), or Away (2). On the other hand, the draw no bet market or any other two-way market bet removes one of the outcomes (draw), consequently increasing your winning chances.

Draw No Bet Examples

With a few examples, you should be able to grasp the idea of draw no betting in a matter of minutes. We will give you two simple examples to illustrate how the draw no bet betting market works. You’ll realise that draw no bet markets are among the easiest to work with as a punter.

DNB Winning Example

Let’s consider a football match where the match odds are as follows:

Home Odds for Team A: 1/20 (1.05)

Away Odds for Team B: 40/10 (5.0)

Let’s assume you think that the away team (Team B) will win our hypothetical football match. If you bet €20 with odds of 40/10 (5.0), your total win will be €100. Assuming that there are no taxes or commissions, this means that your profit will bet €80 if Team B wins. And if a draw occurs, the bookmaker will return your total stake of €20, so there’s nothing to lose.

DNB Losing Example 

Now, let’s look at a draw no bet example where your bet is losing with the following odds:

Home Odds: 3/10 (1.3)

Away Odds: 2/1 (3.0)

In our second example, let’s say you want to wager €20 for a home win with odds of 3/10 (1.3). Unfortunately, the team doesn’t perform as expected and thus ends up losing the match. In that case, the bookmaker will benefit from your home stake of €20 and will have nothing to offer you. But if the match ends in a draw, you will get your €20 stake back. With the correct prediction, you would have made €6 in profits, but it just didn’t happen.

Draw No Bet Markets and Asian Handicap 0.0 – Is There a Difference?

If you have been betting online for some time, chances are you’ve encountered the Asian Handicap 0.0 betting market. This shouldn’t worry you if you have no idea what it means. Asian Handicap 0.0 originates in Asia and works just like draw no bet betting with no draw odds. It’s especially used in football betting for Home and Away bets.

The term ‘handicap’ means that one of the teams (the underdog) gets a virtual lead. And there are only two possible outcomes because Asian Handicap eliminates the possibility of a draw result in a match. Note that we are talking about level Asian handicap betting markets where the handicap is listed as 0. In such a scenario, you’ll have your stake returned if the match ends in a draw.

How Do Draw No Bet Odds Look Like?

If you are keen, you’ll notice that draw no bet odds are quite different from three-way market bets. Because your chances of winning are higher on draw no bet markets, you can expect DNB markets to have significantly lower odds. That’s one of the key drawbacks of using the draw no bet betting strategy. A three-way market will have the best odds because the risk of not winning is high.

Remember that draw no bet odds can be expressed in different forms depending on the country. There are American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds. American or moneyline odds are mostly used in the United States, as the name suggests. Odds for the favourite teams are denoted using a negative (-) sign, while odds for the underdog are denoted using a positive sign (+).

However, online bookies for UK players will use fractional odds and decimal odds. If a bookmaker lists the draw no bet odds as 4/1 or 4-1 (four to one), it means that you’ll win €4 for every €1 bet. Decimal draw no bet odds are the easiest to calculate. If you get DNB odds of 2.5 and wager €20, you only need to multiply the two figures (bet by odds) to know your total winnings (€50).

Draw No Bet vs Double Chance Bet

As mentioned earlier, a draw no bet is a two-way market since bettors only have two options to choose from. But that’s not the only two-way betting option you have at online bookmakers. We also have the double chance bet, which is also simple and comes with minimal risks.

Rather than selecting one of the three options provided by a three-way bet, double chance allows you to choose and bet on any two of those options. You can wager on either team to win (12), home team to win or draw (1x), or away team to draw or win (x2). Look at our comparison below so you can decide whether to choose DNB or double change betting.

Draw No Bet

  • Better odds than double chance betting
  • Easy and low-risk bet with only two options (home and away)
  • The player’s bet is returned in case of a draw since there are no draw odds
  • A suitable choice for beginners

Double Chance Bet

  • Lower odds than draw no bet betting
  • Safe bet because wining is based on two possible outcomes
  • No bet refunds if the outcome is a draw
  • Good for new punters who don’t know much about the sport

Tips for Draw No Bet

The draw no bet market may come in handy if you know how to capitalise on it. With a few tricks from our experts, you should be able to know how and when to focus on this option. Let’s look at some of the tips you can use to make a worthwhile draw no bet.

Use DNB Where Two Teams are Evenly Matched

A draw no bet can be helpful in situations where the participating teams are evenly matched. In such cases, it means that the match is most likely to end in a draw. You should place a draw no bet if you want to play it safe so you can get your stake back if the result is a draw.

Consider the Draw No Market if You Want to Bet on the Underdog

In sports betting, the underdog team is the team that’s thought to be weak mostly because of its previous performances and things like player injuries. The best thing about placing a sports bet on such a team is that the odds are always bigger than those given to the favourite team. If you still want to back the underdog and place a safe bet, then a DNB could be the way to go.

Include Draw No Bet in Multiple Bets

The option to place multiple bets as a single bet is common with online sportsbooks these days. Usually, punters must get every bet correct for a bet with multiples to win. But if there’s a draw no bet selection, and the outcome is a draw, you still have a chance to win!

DNB Markets – What are the Options?

You might be asking, what are the possible options in the draw no bet betting market? Well, don’t worry because we are going to talk about the potential DNB markets. Most of them are easy, even if you are doing this for the first time.

Home and Away Markets

The most popular and the simplest DNB betting market is the home and away market. Here, you are wagering on either a home win or away win before the match. There are no draw odds to think about, so you only need to make a straightforward decision. Also, you are placing a single bet by choosing 1 or 2, and wins are awarded when the game ends.

Draw No Bet Live Betting

The second market in draw no bet betting is the live betting option. This is also known as in-play or in-game betting because punters place bets when the match has started. It’s an exciting option because you have to be actively involved in betting. The odds can fluctuate according to the happenings, so you must stay alert to act accordingly.

Also, the in-play betting market allows you to take advantage of what you already know about the match to decide if DNB betting is the best choice. Even if the game ends in extra time, you still have a chance to make a last-minute decision and save a losing bet if you think an equaliser is on the way.

Accumulators in Draw No Bet Markets

Another market with potentially huge wins in DNB betting is the accumulator. Instead of placing a single bet, you can use accumulators with multiple bet selections. As we said before, your accumulator bet will still remain valid if one or all of the DNB selections end in a draw.

Sports with Draw No Bet Market

One thing every punter should know is that the draw no bet option is not available on all sports. This is simply because not all sports can end in a draw. Sports like tennis and basketball feature rules that make it impossible for a draw to occur. So, you won’t find draw no bet betting options on these sports.

But with football, there’s always a chance that the match will end in a draw even when one team is highly favoured. Being one of the leading options for online bettors, football is also the top option for UK online bookmakers with DNB odds. Thus, the Premier League should be a great betting option for draw no bet fans. Other sports that may feature draw no bets include cricket, horse racing, ice hockey, and Aussie rules. The available options will depend on the betting site, so it’s important to check if the sport you would like to bet on has draw no bet odds.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Draw No Bet Betting

If you’ve read the rest of this article, you must already know some of the advantages of draw no bet markets. This betting approach also poses some noteworthy drawbacks. For quick reference, we have listed the ups and downs of using the draw no bet betting strategy at online sports betting sites.

Advantages of DNB Betting

  • The risk of loss is reduced since the ‘draw’ outcome is eliminated
  • Your stake is insured and thus returned in case of a draw
  • Draws do not void accumulator bets where DNB selections are involved
  • In-depth analyses are not required when placing a draw no bet wager

Disadvantages of DNB Betting

  • Draw no bets are not possible on all sports
  • DNB odds are always lower than three-way market odds
  • Draws are common in football, so you can easily make zero profits


The draw no bet market is a captivating option for sports bettors who think that the regular three-way bet (1×2) market is too risky. As a two-way bet, the draw no bet lets punters choose between home and away bets, eliminating the draw option. That way, the chances of winning are high even though the odds are significantly reduced.

If this sounds good, feel free to join any of our recommended online bookmakers with draw no bet markets. By placing a qualifying bet, you will benefit from different offers such as free bets and casino bonus offers for new customers. Try your luck now!


What is Draw No Bet?

The draw no bet works by removing the draw option from sports bets. This means that punters only get to choose between home and away bets.

Can I Build Accumulators with Draw No Bet Selections?

Yes, sports bettors can place accumulator bets with DNB selections. Any draw no bet selection that results in a draw will not void the accumulator.

Why Consider the Draw No Bet Market in the First Place?

The greatest benefit of draw no bet betting is that you have better chances of winning because you only have two options, unlike a three-way market. However, the odds are low.