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Cash Out in Sports Betting

Today’s online bookmakers use the cash out option to make sports betting even more interesting for punters. This feature gives you a chance to withdraw your money while a match is still in progress. Read on to learn more about cash out meaning, when to use the cash out service, markets for cash out, and types of cash out.

How Does Cash Out Work

In online sports betting, the term ‘cash out’ simply means that punters get a chance to cash out their sports bet winnings in advance. So, you can choose to have your wager settled before the game ends and avoid the risk of losing the funds or winnings you already have. This option requires you to be attentive since you have to make quick decisions to accept the payment at the right time.

Cash outs are mostly offered on multiple bets or accumulators and are helpful in two situations. The first scenario is when your wager is close to winning. When this happens, the bookmaker will suggest an amount that is lower than the initial profit. The second case is when your bet is almost losing. Again, the betting site will propose a deal that is less than the original profit.

Markets for Cash Out

Many betting sites are more than willing to let you withdraw your money as the game progresses, but the available markets will vary. Most bookmakers tend to offer cash out on multiple wagers or accumulator bets. But some of them will still offer the cash out option on single bets.

Also, depending on the betting site, bettors may be able to access the cash out feature around various sporting events. These include popular sports like American football, soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket, boxing, golf, volleyball, snooker, handball, and MMA.

Types of Cash Out

If cashing out seems good for you, then it helps to know the different types of cash out. These include full, partial, and suspended cash outs. Let’s look at them in brief.

Full Cash Out

As the name suggests, this cash out option lets punters withdraw all of their winnings early. Nothing is left behind, so the punter can only focus on other bets.

Partial Cash Out

When it comes to partial cash outs, you get a chance to cash out some of the money at stake. The other half is left to run just in case you get lucky and hit a win. Note that the bookmaker may have a slider that allows you to choose the percentage you wish to cash out.

Suspended Cash Out

In some cases, you’ll realise that your cash out wager has been suspended. This usually occurs when something happens during the match. Some good examples would be a goal going in, a penalty, or when a player is sent off. It’s advisable to track the live action to be aware of what’s happening and know why your cash out bet has been suspended.


We can all agree that cashing out may come in handy as a betting strategy for securing winnings when placing in-play bets. When a person cashes out during a match, they can use this opportunity to test their intuition under difficult circumstances. All in all, a cash out can reduce the risk of losing everything to the betting site in case something goes wrong unexpectedly.


How Does Cash Out Work in Sports Betting?

The simplest definition of cash out is a feature that gives punters a chance to get paid before a sporting event ends.

Can I Cash Out Everything?

The best online bookmakers support full and partial cash outs. This means that you can withdraw all or half of the money.

What’s the Required Bet Amount to Qualify for Cash Outs?

Generally, any stake amount should qualify for a cash out. But it’s important to check the sportsbook’s cash out terms and conditions to be sure.